Unusual Props in Kpop MVs

With all this time at home and a cascade of summer comebacks, it’s easy to find yourself watching dozens of Kpop MVs. As always, I can’t help but notice when many groups decide to adopt similar concepts and ideas – even if they are a little strange!

7 Promising Kpop Boy Groups to Love

Success is often a combination of talent, luck, and timing. For some, the journey takes a little longer, but it can be a delight to find a skilled and passionate group before they make it big. I previously highlighted some rookie groups in this post and today I’d like to follow up by recommending seven budding groups with the potential to rise to great heights.

SuperM Live in Vancouver

With a line-up of familiar and talented Kpop idols, SuperM is a dream combination: SHINee’s Taemin, EXO’s Baekhyun and Kai, and NCT/WayV’s Taeyong, Mark, Ten, and Lucas. SM’s superstar project group has been traveling throughout North America and I was lucky enough to attend their Vancouver show.

1Million Dance Studio x Lia Kim

Hi Everyone, I’m Charles! Nice to meet you! I currently live in Seoul, and want to share some of my experiences with you. In the last few years, I discovered that I also have a passion in cinematography and photography. And in pursuing this passion, I discovered and […]

The Superstars of Kpop Self-Cam MVs

High-quality production is a hallmark of Kpop MVs, but what happens when idols are allowed to film their own videos? Instead of using a team of professionals and a carefully thought-out concept, members are given a couple of cameras and set free to put together a video however they see fit – and the results are often hilarious and unexpected.

Adventures in Jeju

If you watch Korean music videos or dramas, chances are you’ve seen vistas from the island of Jeju – black rock beaches, fields of green grass, crystalline water, and jagged volcanoes. Popular among Korean and international tourists alike, this picturesque locale sits just south of the tip of Korea. Traveling in Jeju is a unique experience compared to Seoul, so if you’re looking for a few tips, read on!

Under Cover: Seeing A.C.E in Calgary!

Although Calgary doesn’t often play host to Kpop acts, the increasing interest in Korean music among Canadians is bringing more and more groups to our sprawling country. Recently, the five members of A.C.E paid us a particular honor by doing a Canada-specific tour and coming to Montreal, Toronto, and Calgary. I knew that I had to be there!

Unusual Themes in Kpop MVs III

MV creators have always found ways to make their videos stand out, and it’s not surprising that some great ideas catch on as trends. Yet there are a number of stylistic choices that seem a bit mysterious, from those that don’t match up quite right to the song to those that are embraced wholeheartedly by a swath of artists despite their oddities.