2012 (Pilot Project)

Sushi Koreans

I moved back to Winnipeg, MB from living in Seoul and was missing Korea! I went out in search of delicious Korean food locally and instantly started drooling at the idea of kimchi jiggae, dol-sot bi-bim-bap and sam gyup sal! Mashessayo!

But what I found was that in Winnipeg, Korean food hadn’t become mainstream just yet and searching for the Korean food I know left me high and dry. Oh sure there were the odd shops here and there selling Korean-esque food mixed with other things (bulgogi pizza anyone!?!) but a proper Korean jib was hard to find.

So I hung my head and cried kimchi tears and went to the local sushi place to get my Asian fill. Low and behold I heard Hanguk-mal behind the protective glass at the sushi bar and my ears, eyes and heart lit up!

“Anyong” I quipped to a surprised face full of smiles! Turns out almost all the Sushi joints I went to in this city were owned and run by Koreans!!!

It was this knowledge that led me to some delicious Korean food in the city…at “Japanese” restaurants! Often hidden at the very back of the menu were a few key Korean dishes.

I long for the day when Korean restaurants are on every corner like sushi places in our little Italy here in Winnipeg….yes I said little Italy! That is another story altogether.

Until the delicious Korean food becomes more mainstream, I’ll order my Bakudan roll with a side of kimchi and a bulgogi to go!

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