2012 (Pilot Project)

How about soft tofu in a hot stone bowl?

This restaurant called ‘Tofu Village’ is a got-it-all restaurant, that is healthy, tasty, affordable, and Korean. What more can I say?


Some of you who are into Korean food, and have been to Christie (Korean town in Downtown Toronto), may already know about this amazing restaurant, but for those who are unaware of it and are looking for a Korean restaurant with affordable price and good taste, this is it!


Tofu village’s signature dish is a soup called ‘Soon tofu’. ‘Soon’ means soft in Korean, meaning soft tofu. They offer seven kinds of soon tofu, and you can choose how spicy you want it to be. You can choose from plain (non-spicy), mild, medium, and spicy. In the picture, my friend has ordered a plain soon tofu (without red pepper powder) and I have ordered a spicy soon tofu. To me they were both very delicious! I could taste the sweet broth and a touch of ginger in the non-spicy soon tofu and enjoy the ever so hot and spicy broth in mine.

The soon tofu soups are served with rice and side dishes. Side dishes we were served with were kimchi, seasoned bean sprouts, seasoned fried tofu, and seasoned tofu and broccoli.  A raw egg is served per soup along with the side dishes, for you to put into the soup.They make different side dishes everyday but kimchi is something you can always count on!


Personally, the best part of the soon tofu soup is the rice! The rice comes out of the kitchen in a hot stone pot, and the server will scoop out the rice onto another dish for you to eat first. Then the server pours water into the hot stone pot which makes Sungnyung (scorched-rice water). If you have never tried it, I suggest you try it here!


Also, If you are a heavy eater, you can make your soon tofu a combo with other dishes as well. On the third page of the menu, they offer Korean BBQ beef (Bulgoki), Korean BBQ Pork, Grilled Chicken with Teriyaki Sauce, Korean BBQ Beef Rib (Galbi), Mixed Vegetables with rice (Bibimbob), and Mixed Vegetables with rice in hot stone pot (Dolsot Bibimbob). They also have cold buckwheat noodles, so if you have a noodle person coming along with you, you can suggest those to your friends.

The restaurant is in Christie two stores beside the PAT, at 681 Bloor Street West, Toronto.

If you are taking public transit, I suggest you get off at Christie station, walk towards Bloor street, turn right, keep walking until you see the big red sign saying Tofu village.

Hope you enjoy your time at this wonderful restaurant as much as I did, and I will come back with more great Korean restaurants in Toronto!

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