street food vendorAhhh yes, a typical sight on the streets of Seoul. Clusters of customers gathering around food vendors day and night. It’s truly one of the most wonderful cultural aspects of the city.

mixed skewerToday we gather around the mixed skewer. Some of Korea’s most beloved and traditional street foods squished together onto one tasty skewer and doused with a giant goop of spicy-sweet red sauce.

dukkpokki!Let’s start with the happy dukkpokki. A mixed skewer just cannot exist without the soft and chewy consistency of these traditional Korean rice cakes. They’re fun to chew on, and they add a neutral flavour element to balance out all of  the spicy red madness of the sauce.

sundaeNext we have the tasty soondae sausage. Another traditional Korean favourite, these blood sausages are typically made from pig or cow intestines mixed with glass noodles. Soybean paste, pork blood, perilla leaves, scallions, rice, sprouts and even barley can be added. Soondae sausages are dark, rich and full-flavoured but they don’t feel heavy or too meaty with the added glass noodles.

fishcakeOdeng – Korean fishcake! Odeng is a paste made from shredded white fish puréed with flour, starch, sugar and salt, then formed and cooked in a clear tasty broth. It has a soft tofu-like consistency and a very mellow fish flavour with a tinge of sweetness.

hot dogsFinally we come to the hot dog. On their own these grilled hot dogs are simply delicious, but pairing a piece of this Western snack with its tasty little Korean counterparts makes the skewer complete.

mixed skewersThe basic ingredients used to make this messy and delicious sauce are hot red pepper paste, red pepper powder, garlic, sugar and soy sauce. Each vendor makes their own variation with different levels of hotness, but its consistent combination of spicy heat and sweetness is pretty addictive.

Price: 2000₩ (approx. $1.80)

Location: Everywhere in Seoul

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