Oddseoul- Korean fusion food for the hipster crowd

I have a friend that lives in the Dundas-Ossington area, which I love.  Mainly for the fact that the area is great with food.  Most recently, the Korean-fusion OddSeoul just opened and it had to be the place that I acquainted my friend with good old Korean food.

I lived in Korea for two years and just got back home.  Needless to say, I miss Korea and all the fabulous things that came along with it, tremendously!  When we both heard that OddSeoul was opening up and the menu boasted such things as bulgogi cheese steaks, ssäm and infused soju, we went immediately.

Warning: The place is small, but in its defense, most restaurants on the Ossington strip are as well.

First up on the docket was soju.  For those that don’t know, soju is Korea’s most famous alcoholic beverage.  It basically is Korea’s version of vodka, and usually what is drunk at business and/or social settings.  OddSeoul has brand name soju and their own infused ginger, citrus or cucumber soju.  We decided on the cucumber infused soju.  Soju is designed to be taken in shots.  The nice thing with the infused soju types is, the shots are easier to take.

For a main course we decided to try the pork belly (samgyeopsal 삼겹살) and shrimp ssäm platter. It comes with kimchi fried rice, which didn’t have that much of a kimchi taste but was still delicious.

The nature of ssäm platters is that you wrap the meat with something else.  In the case of the pork belly and shrimp platter, you get vietnamese rice paper.  As I watched my friend struggle with what to do, I should tell you.

1. Dunk that paper into the pan of warm water for about 10 seconds.  I usually hold a part of it so it doesn’t start sticking to each other.

2. Turn it around and get it all wet- you shouldn’t see any of the paper’s texture anymore.

3. Lay the wet rice paper on your plate and proceed to fill it up as you would a burrito (remember though: too much food/sauce means it’ll leak out).

4. Eat that bad boy!  And as you should have filled it up with all the nutritional vegetables, scrumptious meat and delicious sauces, it’ll be a damn good meal!

Unfortunately, because of how much I was craving Korean food and how hungry I was, there were no pictures taken of the food.  But I can tell you, for fusion food it gave me a good dose of Korean food to last for a while!

I’ve been to quite  a bit of restaurants in the Dundas-Ossington area, and I may be biased because I have a great love for Korean food.  But I do highly suggest this place.  If you can’t finish the platters, then there a number of appetizers to chose from.  I’ll be sure to get back to those- the torched mackerel and the bulgogi cheese steaks being next!
I am a huge fan of fusion food done well.  It is small, but the vibe is good.  It’s open until 2am most nights and I heard that coming soon will be a karoake bar on the second floor!

You can find OddSeoul on 90 Ossington Avenue.

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