Korean Fare at Winterlude

photo by Wendy Floyd

When I learned that Korean fare would be served as part of Winterlude, I told my daughter we had to go. She nodded her head enthusiastically in agreement, so we hightailed it over to Confederation Park as soon as we had a chance yesterday.



photo by Wendy Floyd

Guests can sample delicious Korean winter foods and tea at Confederation Park.

We tried the hotteok (Korean pancake), a popular Korean street food. It was warm and tender, fluffy and sweet. My daughter enjoyed it so much, she gave me a look that said, if you don’t finish yours, can I have it?

I chased down the hotteok with a warm cup of the Hongsam Cha (Korean red ginseng tea).

photo by Wendy Floyd

Enjoying hotteok at Winterlude

The tent also served Omuk Guk (Korean fish cake soup) and Dunggulle Cha (Soloman’s seal tea) and, as the sign above suggests, the tent will be open only one more weekend (Feb. 8-10), so I recommend you pay a visit if you can.

It got me thinking though. Ottawa is in dire need of a Korean food truck or at minimum a truck serving Korean fusion. I can see it now, bulgogi poutine, galbi soft tacos with a kimchee slaw, jeyuk bokkeum sliders…are you with me on this? 




Before we headed for home,
we passed through the tunnel of lanterns one last time.

Photo by Wendy Floyd

Garden of lanterns of the Jinju Namgang Yudeung Festival

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