Capital City K-Pop Takeover

Photo Credit to Bryan Chan

Ottawa City Hall, February 2, 2013.                   Photo Credit to Bryan Chan

On Saturday February 2nd, Korean DJ’s Jaybe Park and VJ Gee shook up the capital city’s downtown core with some of Korea’s top pop artists. The DJ’s were set up right in front of Ottawa City Hall where a giant Kpop dance party was taking place. People skating on the Rideau Canal and the Rink of Dreams as well as Winterlude goers were also able to enjoy the high energy music blasting down the snowy streets.

The party started at 8 and ended at 10. A bunch of my friends and I showed up about a half hour into the event. The scene was great! We were even able to make out what songs were playing all the way from Mackenzie King Bridge. Singing along to a song by popular girl group, 2NE1, we made our way across Confederation Park and onto the improvised dance floor. It was a tad chilly but our worry of frozen fingers and toes soon dissipated as we joined the crowd, jamming to our favourite songs.

The DJ’s were very energetic and had an incredible set list which can be found by clicking here. DJ Jaybe Park and VJ Gee played songs from top artists like Big Bang, Girl’s Generation, Rain, 2NE1, Super Junior, TVXQ and of course PSY. There were people wearing crazy outfits and dancing right in front of the DJ’s to keep the crowd going. The lights were flashing in tons of different colours and everyone was having an excellent time!

I stopped to look around at the crowd for a little bit and everyone looked really happy to be there. Red noses and rosy cheeks only seemed to add to the happy feeling knowing everyone there was enjoying themselves enough to be able to ignore the cold. However, if  party goers got too cold, City Hall was open for people to warm up inside.

The crowd danced right until the music stopped playing and then dispersed after saying goodbyes to friends they’d run into that evening. People left happy and eager for the next one.

This event as a whole was a really great experience! I never really enjoyed school dances so I wasn’t quite sure what to expect going into a big public dance but this definitely exceeded my expectations! The welcoming feeling knowing that everyone was there to enjoy such a rare occasion in the Capital was fantastic and the energy from everyone was really incredible. There was a smile everywhere I looked and I can still hear the sound of the crowd singing along in unison to the music ringing in my ears.

The next week or so, my Facebook newsfeed was filled with people posting on the event wall, expressing their gratitude to the organizers and how much fun they had and how they look forward to next K-pop Takeover.

““YES! definitely needs to happen again!!! Thank You so Much!!” – Mizamaru
“OMG this was so daebak!!!! Thank you for everything XD. Everyone was so
happy at the end of the night. I can really say that this night will be in
our memories. Come back soon please!!!” – Diana

“Kansamnida!!!  Had so much fun tonight!! Please make another kpop night
this summer!!! Catch your crayon!!!!   saranghaeyo!! thank you so much!!”
– Sabby

“You guys did awesome! Had a blast! Had so much fun!!!!!!! Thank you so
much!!!!” – Solange

“Danced my heart out. Didnt feel the cold at all” – James”

Someone who had attended the event even posted a short fan recorded video from right inside the crowd. The video can be found by clicking here.

I really hope there will be more events like this in the future and until then I guess I’ll just have to improvise!

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