One Chicken, Three Ways to Eat it

The restaurant I will be giving a tour of this time is called “one chicken and noodles”.
This is my all-time favourite Korean restaurant!

I think not a lot of foreigners know about this restaurant because it is small and not many other Korean stores are nearby.

But everybody should definitely try this place out because, first of all, the ingredients are very healthy, second, they taste really good; and third, they give you so much food, it’s impossible to be not full to your throat after you finish them.

The ‘chicken and noodle’ dish is for more than two people, so if you are planning to go there, I suggest you bring along a friend!
They have more menus other than that as well, but since I like the ‘chicken and noodle’ dish so much, I have never ordered anything else.

This menu is served three times; first, the boiled chicken, second, the noodles, and third, jook (Korean congee).

All of these will be evenly distributed by the server to each person as soon as they are ready.



The server will bring you side dishes with water (or tea, depending on the weather) first.
Next, the server will bring the portable burner with the chicken in a pot.
In the pot, there are dried dates, ginseng, ginger and green onions in broth along with the chicken.


You can eat the chicken with the red sauce when the server cuts them and puts them in personal plates for you. The server will take all the chicken pieces out of the pot and put noodles in.


The red sauce is called ‘Dadaegi’, which is Korean spicy sauce for general meat and noodles.
The primary ingredients for dadaegi are onions, garlics, and sliced red and green pepper.
I love garlic and the reason I love the dadaegi they serve at this restaurant is because they put seriously, A LOT of garlic in it!
If you are not much of a garlic lover, then you might want to take just a little.
When the noodles are ready, the server will come again and serve you the noodles in your plates.
You may also add the dadaegi to your noodles as well.


When you think you’ve just had enough, the server will come and put rice into the pot and make the jook.

Personally, jook is my favourite part of this dish, so even if I’m really full, I stuff everything into my mouth, although at that point, I can’t really taste anything.

And when you are paying your bills, they give you a Korean drinkable yogurt for each person, as if they predicted your puffed up stomach and don’t want you to get sick on your way back.


Anyhow, my experience of this restaurant is always great. The servers I met were all very nice, food is excellent, price for the ‘chicken and noodle’ is 25.99 for two people, so maybe not so cheap, but compared to the quantity and quality of the food, it is certainly worth it.

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