Trade with Korea and Canada: 1. Introduction

For the past few months, I have talked about Korea and its presence in the world-stage through the prism of Korea’s participation in various international organizations. The point that I wanted to make though – recognizing the high likelihood that the point was lost in my many grammatically incorrect and run-on sentences – is that Korea and Canada are partners in physical sense. And what I mean by it is that Koreans and Canadians, physically, sit on the same table in many forums and often find themselves advocating mutual interests, especially in the area of economic liberalization.

That said, talking is one thing, but walking is another. What have Korea and Canada done in order to bring themselves closer to each other? After all, the people sitting in the international organizations may be friends but how does it help me and my neighbors here in Orleans get to know Korea more?

This blog, for one, is a part of the “walking”. In terms of bilateral trade/investment, however, the real progress is a bit duller (yes, even duller than my blog.) In the next segment of my blog, I will write about the fruits of high-level partnerships, including reduction of tariffs (goods and services) and non-tariff barriers among others.

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