Vancouver Fashion Week Part One: Designer Mirae Kim


Mirae Kim with a model wearing her design

For the past 12 years, Vancouver Fashion Week has been active in both bringing emerging talents into the spotlight and introducing international designers to Canadian buyers.
This season was its largest event yet with over 50 Canadian and international fashion designers showcasing their talent on the runway. Among its ever evolving roster of international names, Korean designers have been very actively showing their work to the Canadian audiences in Vancouver for several years now. Now forming part of this exclusive group by participating this season is Mirae Kim.

“But I’ve really stripped down my design and kept it minimal this season in order to keep the collection ‘ready-to-wear’”, protested Kim with a smile to my comment that her collection seemed to be experimental with volume, texture and material. Kim explained that her inspiration came from buddhism and she strived to achieve feminine silhouettes that still combines both feminine and masculine elements. True to her vision her clothes were both sensuous and strong, liberally mixing feminine and delicate materials like chiffon and satin with more rugged nubbly wool and leather.

The collection’s finale look, a flowing white hooded robe and a more structured one piece suit in a diaphanous material seemed like a fine union of these opposing elements. And yes –  they were perfectly wearable.

<Photos courtesy of Aziz Dhamani photography>


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