C’mon, dish out! Open to Suggestions

I’d like to make this an interactive post, and I’m hoping that you will help me.

Korean restaurants are cropping up here and there, and more and more people are frequenting them. These diners are becoming more familar with Korean cuisine, beyond the usual kimchi and bulgogi, and are demanding (sometimes vocally, other times through their palates) a more authentic Korean dining experience. Newspapers are also more frequently reviewing Korean restaurants. So unexperienced Korean diners are invited thru articles and photos to try Korean food. 

So how I’d like to make this post interactive? I know that our readership is far and wide, extending beyond the National Capital region, and even beyond the borders of Canada. I’d like to know what you think to be the best Korean restaurant in your city or a city you visited and what in your opinion the most memorable dish. Because, whenever you do go to a restaurant, doesn’t the dish the table next to you always look so tasty? and isn’t there always at least one dish that made such an impression on you, that even after you’ve survived the trip, made your way back home, fallen back into your usual routine, you can still smell, taste and see – to the point where your mouth salivates at the recollection of that dish? to the point where you’re ready to to plan a trip back to that city just to savour that dish one more time?

My favourite reviews are from the New York Times. New York is not lacking for suggestions of Korean restaurants with Little Korea smack in the middle of Manhattan. Here is their latest review of Hanjan:

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  1. My favourite Korean restaurant in Vancouver is Jangmojib. Their hamul paejun (seafood pancake) and soon dubu (Soft Tofu hotpot) are always well-done. I don’t have a favourite Korean restaurant in my current hometown, Ottawa, however, and would love to hear from the locals on this subject.

  2. In Toronto I like Sunrise House on Bloor. The prices are really good and it’s always full of Koreans (a great indicator that it’s authentic!) and in terms of the ambiance, it’s the closest I’ve come to the real deal. (e.i. “drunken” ajoshis singing and passing out on soju) ^^ love it!

  3. In Montreal, I love Hwang Kum House in Notre-Dame-de-Grace on Sherbrooke. They have a very special heymul pajeon (seafood pancake) and the best sundubu chigae (soft tofu stew).

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