Welcome to Yeouido: 2013 Yeouido Spring Flower Festival

In Calgary, it is snowing now! Where are the blossoms?

Well, it is too early to see blossoms here.

However, in Korea, it’s that time of year that the air is simmering with spring heat, and flowers are starting to bloom. Spring is a gorgeous time of year in Korea, when mountains and parks are in full bloom, it changes the color of land in Korea. Spring announces its arrival in Korea with a blanket of yellow and pink blossoms spreading throughout the country.

Spring Flower Festival_1

If you imagine a dazzling show with many flower petals, clouds of pink blossoms, relaxing and peaceful mood and a glittering river in the sunlight, then Seoul’s city center, Yeouido is the place for you. 1500 Cherry tree lined streets are breathtaking and under those trees. With fluttering blossoms, you would feel that you are welcoming to the spring of Seoul!

Spring Flower Festival_2

<Photo courtesy of VisitKorea: visitkorea.or.kr>

From April 13, the 2013 Yeouido Cherry Blossom Festival will be happening on Yeouido. Throughout the five-day festival, there will be a variety of events to enjoy the good weather by participating in Korea’s flower, food, and culture festivals.

Spring Flower Festival_3<Photo courtesy of Seoul City Tourism: http://www.visitseoul.net&gt;

Visitors can enjoy other flowers such as forsythias, azaleas, rhododendrons, bridal wreaths, and more, as well as plenty of street theater and exhibitions under the pink-white canopy.

Spring Flower Festival_4

<Photo courtesy of Yeongdeungpo-gu: ydp.go.kr/english>

The cherry blossom season is quite short. You can see the full bloom within one week after the opening of the first blossoms. Another week later, the blooming peak is over and the blossoms start to fall from the trees. Strong wind and heavy rain can cut the blooming season even shorter!

Spring Flower Festival_5

<Photo courtesy of Seoul City Tourism: http://www.visitseoul.net&gt;

Thanks to the light, the cherry blossoms can now be enjoyed longer in night time as well. Evening walks along Yeouido’s streets are really romantic! Sunset colors of pink and gold, walking under the pink blossoms hand in hand with your sweetheart, what could be more romantic in these spring nights?


Spring Flower Festival_6

< Yeouido Spring Flower Festival >

– Period : 13th April 2013 – 17th April 2013
– Location : Yeouido island in Seoul
– Program: street performance, face painting, cultural performances, opening parade and art exhibitions.
– Directions : From Exit # 1 of Yeouinaru Subway Station (Seoul Subway Line 5) walk 10 minutes towards SBS TV Station. Or from Exit # 5 of Yeouido Subway Station (Seoul Subway Line 5), walk 5 minutes towards the National Assembly building.
– For more info: http://english.visitkorea.or.kr/enu/SI/SI_EN_3_2_1.jsp?cid=700464

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  1. Just when you think winter is over, two things happen: We get a big dump of snow and the skiing hours at Canada Olympic Park are extended. I’ve heard there’s Cherry Blossom Festival in Vancouver too. Ah, Beautiful British Columbia!!!

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