The Mysterious Fog On Mt. Cheonma, South Korea

During my travels across South Korea, I have spoken to countless energetic and passionate citizens who enthusiastically shared their life stories. The one that most fascinated me came from an elderly, who could actually be mistaken for a mid-20s adventurous male due to his livelihood.

He spoke of a mountain in the province of Gyeonggi-do, where during early hours in the morning at the very top, you are able to witness a highly unique waterfall. I wasn’t too captivated at the time, as waterfalls are quite common in the mountains of Korea.

It was not until he mentioned that it was not water that fell from the fall, figuratively speaking, but a fog fall descending from a vast sea of fogs traveling in-between the southern mountains. The entirety of the story seemed very implausible and fictional, like something out of a Korean folklore.

As I returned home following a very long afternoon, I could not forget the story from the elderly man. Being the millennial that I am, I began my search on Google in an attempt to satisfy my curiosity. With no positive search results, it was only logical that the story was just a mere rumour.

At that moment, I thought to myself that perhaps I would have better luck on Naver, a South Korean search engine, in order to at least get a clue as to whether or not the story about the mysterious fog exists. At my astonishment, the elderly man’s story proved to be real.

Mt. Cheonma 1

Mt. Cheonma 2

At the altitude of 812m, a fog that is descending down into the low and populated areas is clearly visible from Cheonma Mountain, located in Gyeonggi-do, South Korea, in the early hours of the morning. As the sun rises, you are left breathless by the fall and its source, a vast sea of fog.

Mt. Cheonma 3

Mt. Cheonma 4

A video of Mt. Cheonma and its mysterious fog is available on YouTube.

Hikers have reported that weather conditions must be clear in the early hours of the morning at around 7:00AM Local Time, with temperatures roughly at 10 Degrees Celsius and 80% Humidity.

Interested in experiencing this spectacular view in person? Please visit the Daejeon Metropolitan City Official Website for more details.

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