Interview with Brian Seo – Popkon 2013


Permission to use photo from: Brian Seo – Brand New Style (Popkon 2013)

Hello everyone! I have some exciting news today! I’m going to talk to you about Popkon 2013. Since I have limited knowledge on the event, I decided to interview my friend Brian Seo, who is an active member of Brand New Style, or BNS, and who participates in Popkon every year.

The first question I asked Brian was “what exactly is Popkon and when was it started?” Brian replied, “Popkon is a show where local talents are given the opportunity to perform on stage and it started last year. This is its second year!”

I was very impressed, because a lot of my friends are fully aware of Popkon, and many of them are performing in it. However, even if they are not performing at the event, many of them are attending. For this to be only the second annual Popkon it is quite impressive that it has already garnered so much attention in the GTA.

I followed up by asking a question that had been nagging at me for a while, as I was curious to know, “what is that goal (목적) of Popkon?” To which Brian replied: “[To] spread the love of K-pop, give performing opportunities, bring K-pop stars to Canada. Hopefully one day [we will] be able to host Popkon in different cities to show the talents of local Canadians.”

This response intrigued me so I asked, “Do you then think that Popkon can help spread the Korean wave?”

Brian replied: “Of course it’s helping the Korean wave! Giving people performing opportunities equals helping them achieve their goals to be a performer. Showing that there are local talents who can dance and sing K-pop helps spread!”

As I wanted to know a little bit more about BNS, I asked Brian who started Popkon and if he could tell us a little bit more about them.

Brian replied:

“[It was] started by brand new style and we just wanted to show the world that there are talented people in Toronto. We want Toronto to be the new LA in the future. [And] brand new style is similar to YG. We’re a family. We want to spread the love of K-pop and our goal is to get big [and] bring K-pop stars to Popkon in the future!”

I then asked Brian to tell us what it is that he usually does as a performer at Popkon, but, since he is my friend, laughing, he replied “You know me!” Which, of course, is true. So instead I shall introduce Brian.

Brian Seo is 22 years old and he is Korean. He raps exceedingly well during performances and usually sings, as well. He was also MC for Superwave Korea last year, and did an amazing job at that. Earlier, he also used to dance. He does still dance on occasion, such as during the York University Gangnam Style flash-mob, and during a small performance with co-MC Peony Yeung during Superwave last year, but mainly he has been rapping and singing during performances as of late.

The last thing I wanted to know from Brian was what is the logo for Popkon, to which he replied “Dream, shine, and unite is our logo”.

I think that’s a beautiful and hopeful logo, don’t you?

Popkon is being held tonight at 6pm the Korean Canadian Cultural Centre. There are over 64 performers from all over the GTA (Facebook event page: https://www.facebook.com/events/238856889591002/). If you can’t make it this year, don’t worry! It’s an annual event and so it will be held next year too!

I just want to say thanks to Brian Seo for taking the time out of his busy schedule to go through with this interview and also for allowing me to use the Popkon logo picture to promote Popkon through this blog.

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