Cafes in Seoul 2: Baa, Baa, Black Coffee

My husband claims that the reason why he doesn’t have any allergies is because he spent some of his toddler life in a farm exposed to a million germs. I’ve been countering this argument by claiming our toddler boy’s cashew anaphylaxis was not alleviated by the less than immaculate state of our house. But now that I have a second baby, I am secretly looking for any opportunity to bring her to a farm, hoping that the increased exposure to germs somehow really does keep those pesky allergens at bay.

cafeSo when I learned of the Think Nature Cafe in Hongdae, AKA the sheep cafe, in Seoul, I naturally thought, why wouldn’t I combine my daily caffeine injection and the germ injection for the baby? Allergies or not, having farm animals in a cafe in the middle of a metropolitan centre is certainly a quirky idea. In this cafe, two cute sheep reside in the outdoor part of the cafe from which the clients can freely pet.


For those who get uncomfortable at the thought of keeping animals out of their natural habitat, fear not. The animals seem to be treated well. During the summer  – which in Seoul is hot and humid – the sheep take a vacation in a farm in the idyllic Kangwon province. If farm animals are not your thing, the waffles are said to be fantastic here too.

How to get there:

Take line 2 to the Hongdae subway station to exit 9. Walk down the main street to the first intersection and turn left up the hill towards the main gate of Hongik University. Thanks Nature is located on the basement level on the left side of the street.

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