Being Fearless

korean fashion

I spend most of my free time digging for the next amazing thing out there (fashion wise that is) and in my quests I come across gazillions of labels, each doing their best to define their own customer base the best they can. You see, most of the times, getting a good grasp of the type of customer you attract defines who you are, what your philosophy is and more exactly who is the person paying you money to spend your time creating clothes.

Usually this description is very specific, as niches seem to be all that is left out there to make a product appear different and desirable, segregating fashionistas from mere mortals and the people who are “in” from the people who are “out”. So I could not help feel utmost enlightenment after discovering a little online Korean boutique named Motta.

korean fashion

Not only is the name unbelievably cute ( I secretly want to name my nonexistent hamster that), but reading their “about” page made my interview from my previous post ring loud and clear in my ears : “We believe everyone is different and that’s what makes every one of us special.” Now this might have been unbelievably risqué for a Canadian or American label to state, but not for a Korean one. We are stepping into an unknown territory here and I must confess I am loving it – a world where different is good and leads to a special kind of aesthetics – the kind that evolves from being fearless.


By Dora Cruceru

Fashion Blogger/Content Editor



Photo source Motta

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