kraze burgerEver in Seoul craving a burger? Check out Kraze. The name literally came from combining the words Korea + craze burger.

kraze bugolgi burger

But don’t expect just any old burger, for in Korea the Kraze burger is enhanced with one of the countries’ most delicious traditional dishes: the great Bulgogi. Grilled over hot flames, bulgogi is prepared with thin slices of prime beef and marinated with soy sauce, sesame oil, sugar, garlic, onions and pepper.  At Kraze, they’ve done a brilliant thing by marking an all-American dish with Korean flavours.

kraze menu
A tad pricey for a fast food burger, but Kraze boasts their patties are made with Australian beef (a beef of choice in Korea), marinated in bugolgi sauce, doused with Kraze teri sauce, and sandwiched between their own in-house baked barley bun for a healthy and hearty touch.

kraze beef pattyA close-up of the Kraze reveals some deep-fried enoki mushrooms and their special teriyaki  sauce glazing the bugolgi beef patty – yum! And notice how they’ve added a blomp of mayo to the tomato AND to the top bun – this is some expert condiment placement.

bite into the krazeThe result is scrumptious. See how the bulgogi juice can barely contain itself? This will surely satisfy any burger cravings you may have when roaming around the city. But to make it truly Kraze, ask them to stuff some kimchee inside your burger!

Location: Doota Mall, lower level.

Price: ₩ 9,800


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  1. To be honest, I never liked their over-priced bugers that aren’t much better than McDonalds. A cpmplete waste of money imnsho. You want a real burger? Hit the Smokey Saloon in Itaewon. Same price, burger is twice as thick, real beef and real bacon. I never get fries, don’t have room in my stomach to eat them!

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