Jihyun Ryou is Saving Your Food From the Fridge

interior eco design jihyun ryu

I have always admired the eco trend in fashion and I have written about it every chance I had, because it somehow renews my faith in humanity. Ever since our obsession with speed and consumerism, certain valuable, essential ideas seem to slip away from us, making us become more on more distracted from reality and more and more absorbed with anything else  but what is important.

interior eco design jihyun ryu

That is why I was pleasantly surprised to find a similar tendency in Korean interior design, that perfectly manages to unite functionalism, aesthetics and the notion of creatively re-educating the self obsessed consumer by opening his/her eyes towards a new world that cares about both sustainability and beautiful things .

interior eco design jihyun ryu

Jihyun Ryou did exactly that with his amazing project that aims to “save” our food from the fridge, combining amazingly smart design with ingenious ideas about naturally preserving food without consuming electricity, thus saving the environment one carrot at a time. This might be just a baby step in the right direction, but as long as projects like these exist and inspire, there might be hope for us yet.

Dora Cruceru

Fashion Blogger/Content Editor


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