Crash Course in Korean Food

The running joke about novels is that they sometimes get made into a movie version. This is especially true about lengthy novels (think Lord of the Rings trilogy, War and Peace, the Hobbit) or plays that are written in a form of Old English or English that is difficult to understand today (Beowulf, Shakespeare). There are some directors whose cinematographic vision of a novel is so sublime and breathtaking, anything beyond our wildest imagination…

While the following music video from the Korean band Jang Kiha (also spelt Chang Kiha) and the Faces does provide an overview of Korean food (think of it as a kind of Coles Notes version), it may not win any Academy Awards or Palme d’Or. Nevertheless, it does succeed in terms of vivid and mouth-watering images, so enjoy!


For more about the band, read:



Their first single was called “Cheap Coffee”.

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