Hajin Bae

hajin bae

I remember sitting through modern art history classes with my friend Tereza, wondering how in the world  a white cube in a white room can compare to Van Gogh  and inevitably asking ourselves if this is all there is now, or if maybe, just maybe we have become too cynical and hard to impress to make sense of it all. These days I find it is hard to come across art that is anything but pretentious, hard to understand (even for an art history major like me or my friend Tereza) and plain right ridiculous (no disrespect to the white cube guy – I’m sure someone out there genuinely likes you too, perhaps).

hajin bae

But it just so happens that once in a while something truly beautiful comes to light, something that doesn’t require a half hour explanation to be understood as pure art. Hajin Bae does just that in her creations. The Seul born illustrator, graphic designer and art director draws because it’s what makes her happy, because it makes other people happy and because it is what she is amazingly good at. To me that is what art should be about : simply beautiful things.

Dora Cruceru

Fashion Blogger/Content Editor


Photo source Hajin Bae official website.

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