The more I spend my time researching Korean culture, the more I find it fascinating how fashion became such a natural and quite essential form of expressing one’s personality on the streets of Seoul. It seems like in the same way we feel that our complicated coffee order at Starbucks(with two milks, no sugar and a shot of wheat grass, in a double cup) defines us on some level, Korean young people find their uniqueness in fashion choices to be a very particular characteristic of their identity.


The super duper duo behind ROKSTYLES, a webzine started in 2012 by Caroline Bryan and Danielle Potgieter with the only purpose of sharing Korean fashion and Style with the world, perfectly understood that. And share they did. Besides hunting down and photographing amazing people on the most fashionable neighbourhoods of Soul, they documented hidden gem stores and shopping events every fashionista would dream of attending, creating in the process a source of inspiration and a very cool place to spend your coffee break online. At least I know that’s where I’ll be spending mine, right after I’m getting my tall decaf frappucino.


By Dora Cruceru

Fashion Blogger/Content Editor



Photo source ROKSTYLES.

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