EXO for Sichuan!

For the past month and a half I’ve been dedicating my time to a charity project known as ‘EXO for Sichuan!’, the purpose being to host a charity auction to raise money for the earthquake that hit Sichuan, China, back in April. EXO, as some of you may know, is SM Entertainment’s newest boy group, and they are currently boasting extreme popularity in South Korea and all over Asia. Though they are a KPOP group, they have four Chinese members, so I decided to host the project and make the donations under their name, inviting other EXO fans to participate.

The auction is not to sell away physical items, rather auctioning off talent. Writers and artists were invited to donate their “talent” (a commission) which was then auctioned off and sold to the highest bidder.

We managed to raise and send away $3,360 (Canadian dollars), and the money is being used to purchase supplies to help the residents of Sichuan rebuild their homes and schools and purchase basic necessities in order to live. That amount is crazy to me – the idea came at the spur of a moment, I never expected it to even surpass $400, let alone hit the thousands. Hosting this has been very time consuming and stressful but I’m obviously happy I did it.

It’s amazing what we, as Canadian and International fans can do when we get together and work for a good cause. This wasn’t the only project that Canadian KPOP fans participated in for the cause  – EXO Canada Fanclub was also partially responsible for $689 dollars going towards Save the Children!


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