Most people when they’re in the mood for a little Korean fun on a Friday night, they say they’re heading to Toronto – boasting two decently sized K-Towns, Toronto seems like the best place to be. But sometimes it’s just not plausible to go all that way, especially for those of us a little too far west to enjoy the cheap, short commute.

But what if I told you it’s not necessary to travel so far to have a genuine, fun, Korean night out? You can have just as much fun, if not more, as close to you as Mississauga!

To my friends and I, a standard night out would entail dinner, Karaoke, and then something to munch on afterwards to calm down from our exhilaration. We’d drive all the way around the city to satisfy these needs, but just recently we came to the realization that all that wasted gas is completely unnecessary; thanks to some management shifting and grand openings, it’s now possible to have all of that in one convenient location!


Location: 169 Dundas St EAST, Mississauga

We’re going to go by my usual itinerary of events, so following tradition, we’re going to start off with dinner.



k-pocha fried chicken sample dish

Taking the spot that AGAMI Sushi used to be in, Korean Fusion restaurant K-Pocha opened just recently, offering many different delicious Korean dishes, their speciality being fried chicken. I’m not much of a meat eater myself, but after tasting their chicken, I was incredibly impressed by how moist and delicious it was. The highlight, to me, was definitely the side dishes – I’m a huge sucker for tofu and their tofu dish is wonderful! And don’t get me started on the garlic corn; I could eat that forever and never be sick of it.

If you’re a drinker, it has the widest selection of Soju that I have seen in any restaurant I’ve been to. I’m itching to try them all out, especially the peach and yogurt soju cocktails! If you plan on drinking though, you should probably add a little more to your budget. For four friends, you’ll be looking to spend approximately $50 on food, which is more than reasonable considering the amazing quality of the food and the service.

The restaurant itself has a maximum capacity of 60 guests, and it can even accommodate single parties of 20-25 people. Other than chicken, there are various other dishes to try including my personal favourite, Korean spicy rice cakes!

I would personally give this restaurant five stars.

Cost: ~$50


22 Karaoke

Now that dinner is all over and done with, it’s time to move on to some karaoke. As a long time customer of 22 Karaoke, I was very surprised to go in one day to find the interior completely changed and that as of April 23rd it has been reopened under new management.

This shock did not translate into any kind of disappointment – I quickly found that there have only been improvements with the friendly new owners (don’t get me wrong! I loved the old one very much as well). Not only have they changed their interior, they’ve also upped their sound quality and climate control, as well as revamped their food menu.

The opening hours are from 5:00pm – 2am Monday to Friday, 3pm-2am on weekends, and the cost per room for up to four friends is a minimum of $20, depending on how long you stay. The song selection is amazing and not only limited to just English and Korean, so you’re bound to find at least something to sing along to.

Food and drinks are extra, and each new person (if you have more than 4 in your party) is an additional $5. Please make sure to bring your ID if you plan on drinking! And kids – just wait until you’re older, OK? Karaoke is still tons of fun even without alcohol!

Call 905-270-7364 to make a reservation, which is definitely recommended on Friday and Saturday nights!

Cost: ~$25



This entirely depends on how early you start your fun, but if you have time and it’s still open after Karaoke, I beg you to head to Fauchon (the bakery located between K-Pocha and 22 Karaoke) and try their shaved ice! I’ve never had anything so delicious in my life. It’s an affordable dessert that can be split between friends so it is a perfect way to end your evening.

And if you’re willing to switch up your routine, you should definitely try it for dessert after your dinner at K-Pocha before you head over to Karaoke. It’s worth it! Every last bite~

(And don’t even get me started on how delicious their cakes and pastries are…)

Cost: ~$10

Total cost for 4 friends: $85

Can you believe that? For just $85 dollars, or just over $20 each, you can enjoy a genuine, fun, Korean night out with your friends, and you don’t even have to pay the expensive train fares and deal with the long commute to get you all the way to Toronto.

And lets be honest – after your first time, you won’t even want to head to ktown! Everything you need is right here!

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