I Bokem’ed my Bap Successfully!

Yesterday I was craving some good old fashioned Korean food and decided to cook at home on my own to make one of my favourites: kimchi bokembap!

I realized I had the ingredients and had the time so I invited my boyfriend over, put on the tunes and started chop chop chopping and cooking up a storm.

After looking online to find a variety of recipes I decided to take their advice and do it my own way. The end result was delicious! Here is my recipe:


-kimchi!!!! loads of kimchi, chopped and not drained (I love adding the juice to my recipes)

-white onion, chopped

-2-3 jalepenos, seeded and choppedKimchi Bokembap Ingredients

-3-4 portions of white rice (a bit sticky)


-soy sauce

-kochuchang (red pepper paste)

-chopped pork belly

-sesame oil

-green onion

-parilla leaves (sesame leaves)

-2 -3 eggs



1) cook the rice (according to instructions) and have it ready and made

2) chop and cook the pork belly in a pan until it is oily and well cooked

3) take chopped kimchi, onions, jalepenos and add them to the pan with the pork belly. Toss the ingredients so they are well mixed and let them cook on medium covered

4) when kimchi begins looking cooked (a bit more brown than bright red) create a hole in the middle and add 1-2 tablespoons of butter, 1-2 tablespoons of kochuchang and 1-2 table spoons of soy sauce. Mix these ingredients together in the hole

5) when saucey ingredients are well mixed, stir the kimchi mixture into it so everything is well mixed

6) push mixture to the side of the pan and add rice to the other side of the pan. Sprinkle on some sesame oil and an other bit of butter to the rice so it is moist and let it fry for a bit

7) mix the rice and saucy kimchi mixture together

8) spread rice mix so it is evenly distributed in the pan and add chopped perilla leaves and chopped green onion. Cover and let cook at low heat so bottom gets a bit crunchy

9) dish into bowls and keep warm while you fry one egg per portion that will be placed on top of rice in the bowl.

10) Enjoy!

This makes a spicy and rich tasting kimchi bokembap that I love and my boyfriend also loved! Comment on how you make it at home!

kimchi bokembap

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