PSY on the MMVAs

Last night was the MMVAs and, as I’m sure most of you know, PSY did not only perform twice, but he was also the co-host of the show!

I’m not Korean, myself, but I felt very proud of PSY for being able to come to an all-English-speaking country, perform and co-host on an all English show, and travel all the way from Korea to Canada for this one two-hour show! Personally, I felt he did a good job, and, even though “강남 스타일” is a little over-played now, I still always thoroughly enjoy the performance. In the case of “Gentleman”, I’m not particularly fond of the lyrics (nor do I fully understand them) but I do love the dance, the performance, and the melody (it’s so catchy!).

For the show last night PSY also prepared a short demonstration of Beyonce’s “Single Ladies”, which I found to be hilarious. I was also proud of PSY for winning the award for “video that went most viral”, for his song “강남 스타일”. PSY also did a great job addressing the crowd in English and just being all around hilarious, as he usually is.

So you can imagine how upset I was when, later on that night, I went to check my e-mails and saw the link on MSN for “Best and Worst Moments at the MMVAs”, clicked on it out of curiosity, and found them continuously bashing PSY! The author of the article, Emma Jones, said things like “Oh good, this song again said nobody…”  (Emma Jones)… (http://entertainment.ca.msn.com/music/mmva/2013-mmvas-best-and-worst-moments#image=3) The English major in me wants to point out that she didn’t even properly punctuate this sentence… How do you know what people said? I had no problem with hearing 강남 스타일 again! My parents thoroughly enjoyed it, too. They were actually quite excited to see PSY perform; my mom even got up and danced!

Jones captions her next PSY slide “Worst Single Gentleman” and goes on to say: ” PSY learned a new dance, bringing his total up to two, as he cracked out the choreography to ‘Single Ladies’ before introducing Serena Ryder.”   (Emma Jones) (http://entertainment.ca.msn.com/music/mmva/2013-mmvas-best-and-worst-moments#image=8). This infuriates me because all that I see upon reading this sentence is ignorance. It sounds to me like Jones doesn’t really know anything about PSY, as he certainly knows more than two dances, and his been in the music industry for years! Just because you’ve only seen him dance 강남 스타일 doesn’t mean he doesn’t know anything else! Perhaps you should look more into his career before you start bashing him!

Jones finished up her bashing of PSY by talking poorly about the finale of the MMVAs, where PSY performed his new song “Gentleman” for the first time in Canada, saying: ” He debuted another dance from his ever-expanding repertoire — that makes three — though he could have messed up all those lyrics and we would be none the wiser”  (Emma Jones) (http://entertainment.ca.msn.com/music/mmva/2013-mmvas-best-and-worst-moments#image=13).  If you want to know whether or not PSY messed up his lyrics, go take some Korean lessons and learn the language. He flew in from half way across the world to perform for you, and his native language is Korean! Not only that, he learned a heck of a lot of English in order to communicate with his fans here and in America. He’s making an effort. Furthermore, I would like to mention again that, just because these are the only songs you’ve seen PSY perform, does not mean that they are the only songs he knows. He is a Korean artist, he has been in the industry for years, he has put on elaborate performances, he sings many songs and dances many dances. Next time, please do your research before you insult someone (with insults that are completely invalid because none of them are true). And I’ll let you know, since I speak Korean, that PSY did not mess up his lyrics, thank you very much.

This article was infuriating to read. I’m not even particularly a fan of PSY, and, to be honest, I, too, sometimes poke fun at him with my friends by calling him 변태 아저씨 (perverted middle-aged man), but I do so in private and as a joke. Emma Jones bashing PSY without really knowing anything about him made me view her as ignorant and infuriated me because we Canadians invited PSY here, we Canadians enjoyed his song despite not understanding the lyrics, and we still watch him and listen to him. For those Canadians who don’t understand the lyrics but enjoy his music anyway, some people say it just proves that “Americans” don’t care what the song is about, they just like a beat or melody that is catchy. If you really want to know what he’s saying stop being lazy and go learn! But don’t bash him simply because you can’t understand him, you have no real grounds for insulting him.

I was really disappointed when I read this article, I even posted something on my twitter, which, I just realized today, “PSY” actually re-tweeted:

psy retweeted me twice

But I thought I’d also share it with everyone here and get your opinions. The links I’ve provided are solely for the images I talked about specifically, but you can simply scroll through them if you wish to see more.

I also want to make clear that I am not trying to insult or bash Emma Jones, the author of this article, I’m merely trying to point out the fact that I was highly disappointed in the article and I found her to be ignorant based on what she said and the limited amount of information she seems to posses about PSY and his music. This is also not my opinion of MSN itself or its newsfeed, just the one article in particular and my feelings on it. Furthermore, the quotations, as I’ve stated throughout the article in brackets, are not my own words, rather copied and pasted form Jones’ article, and so are her words.

Please leave a comment and let me know how you felt about PSY’s performances at the MMVAs, as well as his co-hosting, and also how you feel about this article that appears to be insulting PSY.


Jones, Emma. “A Look at the Best and Worst Moments from This Year’s MuchMusic Video Awards.” MSN Entertainment. Microsoft,

16 June 2013. Web. 16 June 2013.


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