Cafes in Seoul 3: Princess Diary

It’s no secret that little girls love poufy princess dresses.  Bows, flowers, frills, ribbons, sequins, whatever the embellishment of her choice is, the usual motto is not “less is more”. Incidentally, if you are a grown up woman living in Seoul, you don’t need to give up playing dress up. There are a number of “dress cafes” to tickle your princess fancy. Dress cafes are cafes that offer a wide range of dresses – from historic and traditional royal gowns to frothy pink concoctions that can please even the most ardent of all Disney lovers – for rental along with coffee and food. At these dress cafes, you can play dress-up with full professional makeup and accessories (think crowns!), and get professional pictures taken for keepsakes.

Princess Diary is one of these “dress cafes” near Ewha Women’s University, specializing in wedding gowns. Unabashedly girly in its decor, you can rent a dress for anywhere between 5,000 to 20,000 won, depending on the dress. Against the backdrop of a luxurious sofa, piano, or swing decorated with flowers, many women have come in to get their fantasy bridal pictures taken, often as a fun group activity. Granted, it’s the kind of fun that Gloria Steneim and Ani DiFranco likely wouldn’t approve of.  But surely letting your inner little girl come out once in a while isn’t such a horrid idea…

How to get there: Take metro exit 3, Ewha Women’s Univ. Station (line #2), walk straight from the station and turn left at the Juno Hair alley.

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