Sam Gyup Sal Tears of Joy

I love sam gyup sal….like I would marry it I love it so much!

When I first got to Korea I didn’t eat pork….well I ate bacon but that doesn’t count. I remember loving galbi but having to walk for ages to find affordable so-galbi (beef galbi) and I recall my friends hating me for it! HAha!

But when I returned after my first trip home, I decided I would try pork for the first time and see what I thought. This is when my first true love in Korea came to me: sam gyup sal.

My friend told me that if I liked bacon, this would be a great transition into eating other pork products because it looked kinda like bacon. What he didn’t tell me was that it tasted like bacon wrapped in heaven!

I became addicted and used to have to make new friends just so I could have someone to accompany me for sam gyup sal meals. I even gave it a nickname SGS!

When I returned to Canada my SGS withdrawal symptoms forced me to seek out the means to make it at home and here is what I found:

Making sam gyup sal at home without the proper table bbq is a pain! I was putting a pan on the stove and walking from stove to table to serve hot portions to my guests. Even having a table top grill was annoying because the table I had was small and the grill basically took up the entire surface area.

So I decided to try something new–I put al the ingredients together and made a SGS stir-fry type dish. HALELUJAH!!! HAAAAALELUJAH!!!!

And this is how this monstrosity/deliciousness was born! SGS I love you and I will have you no matter what form you come in!


My own invention to enjoy sam gyup sal at home without the hassle

My own invention to enjoy sam gyup sal at home without the hassle

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