barley dumplings

They are delicious and they are square. They are Korean barley dumplings.

barley dumpling vendors

While strolling around Seoul’s well-known Namdaemun Market district, it’s easy to spot these vendors of the square dumpling, always manning the grill with great intent.

dumpling bounty

At a glance, the pile-up of brown hued dumplings may not look tremendously appetizing, but how could you not be intrigued by these square packages neatly waiting in rows, glistening with tasty grease from the grill. They are so well behaved, you must at least try one.

spicy filling

After your first bite, you’ll be glad you tried it. The stuffing is made with a spicy mix of chapchae noodles, chopped green onions, garlic, ground pork and hot pepper paste. It will be gobbled up quickly. On to the next dumpling!

mushroom filling

A savoury mushroom filling comes next. Chopped scallions, garlic, mushrooms, and more chapchae noodles. If you’re not in the mood for something spicy then this is a tasty option. The dough is made with barley flour which gives the dumpling a hearty consistency, with a crispy crust.

barley dumplings

Always share a square.

Location: Namdaemun Market, Seoul. Subway line 4, Hoehyeon Station, Exit #5

Price: ₩2500


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