Korean Food Day

seafood pancakes

“You look fine, hun” said Tudor while I was fidgeting in the rear view mirror checking my lipstick and stubborn hair that completely refused to look anything but puffy. We had arrived half an hour early at the Ambassador’s Residence for the Korea Food Day Event and could not help our excitement about the impending ceremonies.

water melon punch

We finally decided to follow a group of nicely dressed cheery ladies to the entrance and we were happy we did, as the staff welcomed us with friendly faces explaining all of the delicious courses we were about to discover. It appeared we had landed in food heaven as seafood pancakes, watermelon punch, and mouth watering barbecued meat sandwiches with sweet apples and fresh salad were parading in front of our hungry eyes. Frankly, I had never felt so stuffed (in a good way) since I was living at home with my mother’s cooking and that was almost 10 years ago.

traditional Korean costume

It seems that after all, Korean food will be my salvation from the future of awkward run-ins with American food.

rice cakes

Korean food day

By Dora Cruceru



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