Korean Food Day

The sky was overcast but the weather couldn’t dampen the festive mood.
As part of the festivities of Korea Week, the Ambassador hosted Korea Food Day at his residence.
The invitation merely indicated a sampling of Korean food, but it really translated into enough food to feed a good sized army. Korean hospitality means that your guests, all of them, should leave with their stomach full. Korean ladies dressed in colourful hanbock were gracefully preparing pajeon (savoury pancakes) and kimchi pancakes, stuffed cucumbers, pancakes with dainty flowers and so much more…IMG_1407


The gentlemen were manning the bbq and serving grilled beef and pork, some set in a delicious sandwich with mustard and apple and onion.


There was displays of Korean food as found at the Korean grocery store (Choco Pie anyone?), as well of korean ginseng, and traditional children’s game. The ginseng mascot was a success with the children.


If you were thirsty, you had your usual choice of sparkly water, wine, or juice but also ginseng tea or Korean punch.


Korean hospitality extends to ensuring that your guest are also entertained, and the performances of the talented group of dancers and musicians did not dissappoint.

What a wonderful event to share Korean food and Korean culture.  A huge thank you to the Ambassador and his wife for so graciously hosting this event, that was very much enjoyed by everyone who attended.

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