Style High #1: Faddy Robot

Hi folks! So today, I thought I’d start by apologizing for not posting last week…it was a really busy week for me! But that being said, let me move on and introduce a new blogging segment called “Style High”. Each Style High post will focus on a particular brand of clothing or accessories that are popular in Korea. I will start with a brand that KPOP fans are familiar with since 2010, Faddy Robot!

Faddy Robot, a clothing and accessory brand, started in 2010 by Eddie K’Dee, arose to prominence when being sported by KPOP stars like BEAST, 4minute, After School, APink, Mighty Mouth and many more. Mighty Mouth were also the promotional models for Faddy Robot at one point. Its comical designs and uniqueness make it a standout brand in Korea.

Aside from that, this brand has also spawned several cross brand collaborations, including a collab with Beats by Dre for the Beatbox audio system. Intially, when Faddy Robot lauched, producer Shinsadong Tiger made a song to help promote the brand and called on some of Korea’s best known rappers, including Junhyung of BEAST, HyunA of 4minute, Verbal Jint, Sangchu of Mighty Mouth, Joosuc, and many others!

Because of the high demand from overseas fans, this brand has been made available on more online malls in Korea as well as a very well known store in Los Angeles called Attic, which was created by actor Justin Chon, a big promoter of the Faddy Robot brand in the United States.

All in all, this is a very unique brand that I can see going very far…maybe even becoming the Bathing Ape of Korea? Who knows, only time will tell!

Check out the Faddy Robot promotional song below, as well as some photos of Korean celebs brandishing the popular brand!



tumblr_lala09xECy1qc773ao1_400 img-thing images faddyrobotb0139e823_4e088384e58f38 faddy-robot-yonghwa02 Faddy-Robot-Shibuya-2011-09-11-G2608 Faddy-Robot-Shibuya-2011-09-11-G2603 Faddy-Robot-Shibuya-2011-09-11-G2591 FADDY-ROBOT-KARA1-thumb-600x339-21112 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA 0010010000683 236990047_KAHrqTM8_ED8C8CED8BB0ED8FACEC8AA4ED84B01 299120_188063967930408_109096159160523_394015_1038613835_n1 270258_198007083583568_164327626951514_605847_1551666_n 82374c16be1b7f0c21a4e928 %EC%B9%B4%EB%9D%BC

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