Hurricane – B.A.P

Hey guys, guess what?!


B.A.P is back with another new song entitled “Hurricane”! 

I wonder what everyone else thinks of this song, as, once again, it’s a little deviant from B.A.P’s debut material. I will tell you what I think through this blog, but please feel free to comment on this blog and tell me what you think about their new song!


The Music Video (뮤직비디오) 

Okay, I have to say, I love the MV! The colours are nice, the atmosphere is nice, there are good camera angles and each member is seen at least once in a solo and then there are also many group shots. I love the use of lights and colour! To be honest, I’m not much of a film buff nor am I a film major or anything, so it’s hard to say anything remotely intelligent about the camera angles, shots, and the video itself, but I must say I liked the video! A friend of mine posted it on my wall after a long, not-so-great day, and, despite my crappy feelings, I smiled throughout almost the entire thing! It was definitely very entertaining!


The Appearance  (외모) 

All of the boys were beautiful, as always (then again, I’m majorly biased since I’m a baby). I loved the outfits and the make-up. In my opinion, none of the boys looked too feminine or anything. My favourite little 막내, Zelo, was cute as ever! Although, when I first saw the big, puffy, curly hair I was a little taken aback; I must say, Zelo looks good no matter what you do to his hair or clothes! 


The English (영어) 

Well, I started combing through the lyrics a couple of days ago and again today, and I realized there is a lot more English than there usually is! The English in the lyrics themselves seem to make sense for the most part – things like “We’re hurricane” (okay fine, technically grammatically this is incorrect, but a lot of English songs also have improper grammar usage, as long as we understand what’s trying to be said, right? Although, I must admit, as an English major it does get to me a little), and “The roof is on fire”. 

In pronunciation, however, things are a little different. Particularly with the last lyric I mentioned, “The roof is on fire”, Him-chan pronounces this as “The loof is on fiyah”. I must admit, I rolled around laughing when I heard “loof” – not because I was making fun of Him-chan’s English or anything! Absolutely not! But because it was just so darn adorable! 


The Lyrics (가사)

Okay, so the truth of the matter is, I haven’t yet had time to translate the lyrics ><

But, I do understand maybe 60% or so of them without translating, and I still don’t really understand what the main point of the song is. I get the whole beginning part about riding a roller coaster and throwing your hands up and then they even say, in English, “Feelin’ good tonight” and then they get into the whole shining star, shaking the Earth thing, and “We’re hurricane”, so I assume this is a party song? That’s what it sounds and looks like to me. The thing is, a lot of the lyrics are fragmented, I mean, they are not complete sentences, rather sentence fragments, and that makes it slightly harder to understand >_< 

IMG_5182 IMG_5183


The Dance (춤)

There wasn’t as much synchronized choreography as there usually is in B.A.P songs, which disappointed me a little, but there was a lot of really cool b-boy style dance moves, and even Jong-up flipping and then they rewound his flip so you could see it backwards and his hat, instead of falling off, flies back on his head, which was really cool! 

I still like the dance moves that were included in the video, but I would like to see more choreography next time, like we usually do with B.A.P songs. 


So, overall, do I like this song? Well again, I’m biased! Since I love B.A.P and I’m a baby! But, this is not my favourite song of theirs. To be quite honest, I love their debut stuff and also “One Shot”. Why? Because I love their original concept of power and standing up for yourself, even if you’re the underdog. I’m not as big a fan of their love songs/ party songs. 

I’m begging B.A.P and TS Entertainment – don’t change B.A.P’s original concept! Please go back to their powerful concept! I’m begging you! 

부탁한다! 비에이피의 데뷔 콘샙으로 돌아가세요! 파워풀 콘샙으로 돌아가세요! 부탁이에요! >< 


What do you guys think?

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