Ordering Food in Korea

Ordering food to be delivered is fast and easy, most of the time. In Korea, if you’re able to speak enough Korean to get through to the person on the other end of the line, it’s very easy and convenient. This is my personal opinion of course, and I’ve had some pretty bad experiences when trying to order food but once I got it down, I never looked back.

First of all, you can pretty much order any kind of food that you need, just like most other countries however in Korea most of the food comes with actual plates and silverware rather than Styrofoam or plastic. Not every place does this, but from my experience, most of them do. When you’re finished eating, you just need to leave the dishes outside your door in a bag and someone from the restaurant will pick them up at some point either that day or the next.

Fast food delivery is different. Pizza comes in a box, McDonald’s in those little cardboard boxes, yadda, yadda but Korean or Japanese food comes in the previously mentioned dishes.

The trick to ordering food as a foreigner, I think, is knowing how to say that you are in fact a foreigner, (so they are ready for your Korean mistakes) followed by your address, then of course, the food you want. Once you order, your phone number goes into their system so you shouldn’t have to repeat your address again. You will hear them repeat it to you each time you call, so answering with a simple, “네” (yes) helps move things along. The more you practice, the easier it gets, especially if you call the same place.

I forgot to mention the best part about ordering food! No tipping!

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