The Attractiveness of K-pop

Hey guys! So I thought that I’d talk a bit about K-pop in general this week, as I love K-pop and there were so many things I wanted to mention about various groups and I couldn’t think of where to start or how to sort out my thoughts!


First of all, for those who don’t know, I’m a baby! Not literally a baby, like 애기 but a baby as in a fan of B.A.P! Who’s seen their new music video/ heard their new song “Badman”? It’s so intense! I love it! This song actually reminded me a little of their debut time, and brought me back to the tough, strong, never gonna fall down B.A.P. I won’t lie, I also liked “Coffee Shop” and “Hurricane” but they were more love/dance songs, and I prefer powerful and crazy B.A.P! So I am quite content with this new song!


Recently I’ve also fallen prey to Teen Top, and somewhat become an angel. ><

I’ve been so obsessed with Chunji it isn’t even funny! I am also in love with all of Teen Top’s choreography, but, I must admit, it is the hardest choreo I’ve tried to learn since I attempted to learn SHINee’s “누나 너무 예뻐” (Replay). I recently learned “미치겠어”, but it’s still not perfect so I’m not content.

I wish I could dance as well as the members of Teen Top! They blow my mind every time! They are so perfect and in-sync with each other, it’s remarkable, really. I also love watching Chunji and Niel compete all the time! They’re too funny!


This is leading into what I wanted to talk about in the “attractiveness of K-pop”. K-pop is so attractive to everyone, not only because of its catchy melody, tunes, and lyrics, but also because of amazingly choreographed dances, great make-up and design, pretty faces (and bodies!) and interesting music videos that are also sometimes almost like mini-dramas. K-pop is not just a genre of music, it seems to be a performance too. The performances are always great and there are even competitions between groups, and groups who parody other groups’ dances, which are also really fun to watch. It’s as though idols live in a world different from our own, and come to our world just to put on these amazing performances and shows and share their experiences with us. All in good fun!

exo album

The albums may be a little pricey (especially here in Toronto, what with importation taxes and shipping and all), but most of them offer a lot more than American albums do. There are often books of pictures of the idols, a list of song lyrics, and a couple of pages of “thank you”s from the idols. Some even offer member cards, where you get a random member’s additional photo.

When I recently bought a Teen Top album, I was so lucky to get my favourite member, Chunji’s, card. I was ecstatic!


I kept joking about how they must’ve known how much I love Chunji!


Some albums even include special bonus DVDs, where you can watch music videos, live performances, and making of the music videos! I have a weak spot for albums that include bonus DVDs. I know I can watch all of the videos online, but I love seeing them on my big screen at home and seeing the members in actual size as opposed to on my smaller laptop or cell phone screen.



Another great thing about K-pop is the choreography, which I’ve already briefly mentioned when I was talking about Teen Top. The choreography can really rope you in because, even if the song lyrics are a little stupid, boring, or repetitive, the dance may be so cool and intriguing and spectacular that you just can’t help but listen to the song anyway, or well, at least watch it.

Recently I’ve been obsessed with the song “Destiny” by Infinite – for both the dance and the lyrics, to be honest. It is a love song, which I’m not normally fond of, but as it has to do with the guy messing up severely – i.e. leaving the girl and throwing her away for no good reason – and now regretting it so much and begging for a second chance, I found it interesting. (It personally relates to me, although I’d never give the guy a second chance!).

I haven’t yet learned this dance, although I would like to, but I know some friends who are attempting it and are frustrated with the fact that a dance practice video hasn’t been released, because it is a lot easier to follow than the random dance versions put together by fans, which are often a combination of live performances, and so camera angles and video quality often alter throughout the video, making it quite difficult to follow and learn the choreography.

That’s another great thing about most idol groups in K-pop – they release dance practice videos, often shot at only one angle and never moving, so that it’s easy to follow the idols and learn the choreography. Learning the dances is so much fun! And it’s a great way to interactively enjoy K-pop!

As is going to 노래방 (karaoke)! Where you can sing all of your favourite songs with your friends in a private room! So that even if you suck at singing you don’t have to be ashamed! And you can still sing along and enjoy the music you love to listen to !

Furthermore, most K-pop songs include at least one word or phrase in English, that is often repeated. Why? Because, along with the catchy melody, that word or phrase will get stuck in your head, especially for those who don’t speak or understand Korean, as it will be the only part of the song they understand. Koreans are smart, eh? :)

So, there are various reasons as to why K-pop is so attractive (and addictive!) and why so many people across the globe like it – because it appeals to almost everyone! If it’s not the lyrics you like, it’s the dance, if not the dance, the music video, if not the music video, the people (appearance), if not the people, the melody – there is something for all in K-pop!

Now go listen to your favourite K-pop song and enjoy every second of it :) (That is, if you can pick just one!)


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