It’s All a Haze

haze-chair wonmin park

chair by Wonmin Park

I have always been attracted to minimalism in design. For me it was always a form in which the environment was not forced to be something it is not, but instead let free to breathe and accentuate what it is actually important – life. The designs of Wonmin Park were thus love at first sight and I found  his idea of “simplicity, purity and subtlety” to be speaking louder than any words.

Haze-table wonmin park

table by Wonmin Park

A Seoul born designer, Wonmin Park, opened his first studio in the Netherlands, where he created his Haze collection – objects that are brought to life with the whole purpose of being “beautiful, attractive and speak to their surroundings”. All in all, a distilled philosophy of minimalism in it’s finest form.

long table by wonmin park

long table by Wonmin Park

By Dora Cruceru




Photo source and credits Wonmin Park.

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