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Hey everyone! It’s been a while since I’ve written, I’m sorry about that! Summer is supposed to be a break, that’s why it’s called “summer vacation”, right? Well, for me it’s not really a vacation, it’s more a do-everything-you-couldn’t-do-during-the-school-year-because-you-were-too-busy-with-exams-and-assignments “vacation”.


I hope everyone had a good summer though! Now it’s back to school and back to classes! Which means back to assignments, tests, exams, and readings! Oh, and don’t forgot lots of studying!


There are, however, some more exciting things you can do at school, to make learning fun and to meet new people! I’m talking about clubs! What clubs am I talking about in particular? Korean clubs of course!


I am a member of the Korean Club at University of Toronto, and there are many fun things planned for this year, including a language exchange held at Robarts every week! You may already know about this, since these language exchanges continued throughout the summer!


We are also have K-pop dance tutorials!! I will be teaching girl group dances, while Jennifer Martin will be teaching boy group dances! We will alternate, so one week I will teach and the following Jennifer will. The dates are still TBD, but if you check the facebook page you will be updated! As we know, you’ll know!


This year, I’m also an Events Co-ordinator for 한류 동아리 at York University! We have a really fun year planned, with movie nights every month (Korean movies with English subtitles), language exchanges every other week at SGIC (St. George International College), K-pop dance tutorials in March, and an opening and closing dinner with delicious Korean food! There are many more events being planned, of course, these are just the main and recurring ones!


As I’m sure you know, every year in Toronto there is also an event held called Superwave, which is held around Halloween and is always really fun! There will be contests, performances, food, and time to just walk around and mingle and meet new people!


So if you’re feeling blue, or stressed, or you just want sometime to unwind but still be “productive”, you should definitely come out to an event and learn something new while having a blast! If you want to learn about Korean culture or language you should come out to movie nights and/or language exchanges. If you just want to unwind or get rid of some of that stress, come out to a K-pop dance tutorial and dance your stress away! They say exercise is not only good for the body but for the mind too!


If you’re interested search for our facebook pages and like us! You’ll get all of our updates!


Hope to see you guys come out to some great events!


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