Ambassador Cho is selected as a Top 10 in Ottawa Life Magazine


I am very proud that Ambassador of the Republic of Korea to Canada, His Excellency Cho Hee-yong is selected as a Top 10 for ‘Top 25 Leaders among Us’ in Ottawa Life Magazine (OLM).

The magzine, OLM, is a well known magazine which was established in 1996 and publishes 50,000 copies and distributes to Parliamentarians, Embassies, Government employees, and National Press Gallery etc.

The magazine marks the year 2013 is the 50th Anniversary of Diplomatic Relations between Korea and Canada and the 60th Anniversary of the Korean War Armistice and chooses him as a top 10 leader in Ottawa 2013. The main reason of this selcetion is that the Ambassador Cho constantly contributes to the bilateral relations between Korea and Canada by making his priority to travel across Canada to honour the Korean War veterans.

The Magazine selects Mr. Kevin Page, Canada’s Parliamentary Budget Officer, as a top 1; Mr. James Moore, Minister of Industry, as a top 2, and Ms. Beverley McLachlin, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Canada, as a top 3.

Click to see the article

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