Dear Friends


I would like to begin this post by expressing my sincere appreciation for all our e-Reporters’ excellent contributions to the Korea-Canada 50th Anniversary blog and the readers. Eight months have passed since the official launch of the blog, and each and every one of you have continued to contribute and dedicate precious time to strengthening the bilateral relations between Korea and Canada through the power of social media.

I am proud to announce that, in only a few short months, our 33 e-Reporters have been very productive: their 310 articles are viewed by 152 countries around the world. This is an astonishing statistic and confirmation that our blog is not only reaching out to Canadians, but to the international community at large: Not only that, the total views have increased drastically from 4,116 to 57,904 between January and September. Indeed through your contributions and efforts, the 50th Anniversary of Diplomatic Relations and the 60th Anniversary of the Korean War Armistice have truly become a global celebration.

I would like to announce that the Embassy of the Republic of Korea to Canada will aim to publish a book with selected posts which are the most informative; best clicked; and liked at the end of this year. I am happy that this publication will see our e-Reporters’ active participations and efforts become a tangible keepsake for future generations to see. I would kindly ask our e-Reporters continue to engage in writing great stories about Korea and Canada, and to encourage global ‘netizens’ who read the stories to communicate with our e-Reporters by clicking ‘like’ or leaving comments.

In this regard, I hope that our e-Reporters and audiences will eventually enhance their personal connections to Korea by writing more and reading more from the Blog.

Finally, I thank all our e-Reporters for their impressive contributions and collaboration with the Embassy of the Republic of Korea to Canada so far. Please keep up your great work in delivering Korea to the world as cultural ambassadors for many years to come.

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