Rendez-Vous Korean Cuisine 2013 (that rhymes!)

When you think Korea you think galbi, kimchi and soju! Rarely would someone think salad, salsa and veggies! But at the 2013 Rendez-Vous Korean Cuisine I had the opportunity to taste a Korean take on those items!

I must start off by saying my fridge is always (and I mean ALWAYS) stocked with kimchi, kochujang and ssamjang. They are my best foodie friends! But my perspective on how to use them was very limited apparently. 

I thought

KIMCHI: I eat you as a side dish and put you in soups

SSAMJANG: I dip my delicious ssam gyup sal in you and make soups with you

KOCHUJANG: I use you in soups and for bibimbap…..BUT WAIT THERE’s MORE!!! 

At this event I realized Kochujang is a great ingredient for mixing with salsa to make chips and salsa a bit more “mashessayo”! I also learned you can mix it with vinegar for a healthy a spicy salad dressing and also mix it with sesame oil and spices for a fresh veggie plate dip!

You had better believe these new kochujang recipes will be put into regular circulation at my place! The more things I can Korean-ize the happier my belly will be!

Enjoy your Korean eating and let me know your favourite recipe that uses kochujang!!!Delicious new kochujang recipes to tryAisha Alfa with Chef Duk-Song Chun

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