[Review] Kpop Halloween Club Party @HardRockCafe, Downtown Toronto

[Review] Kpop Halloween Club Party @HardRockCafe, Downtown Toronto 


Nov. 1, Friday night, HardRock cafe hosted their 2nd annual Kpop Halloween Bash party.


Front of HardRock Cafe

The roads were pretty empty when we were heading in (11 p.m.), but the cue of Korean-looking college crowd in front of the door assured us that the party was still on. After our coat check ($3), we passed by a row of booths that were half empty, and thought perhaps the event PR didn’t go well. But the moment we made a turn into the dance floor, there they were – full house of Toronto’s Kpop enthusiasts!


Me and my roommate joined dressed as the Angel&Devil. We had tons of fun taking photos in front of the photo-wall, pretending for just that night, that we were real Wondergirls.


we were kpop stars, for just that night

90% of the music the DJ played was top kpop dance songs such as 2PM’s ADTOY, Parkbom’s Yeah, Super Junior’s Bonamana, Tiara’s Bo Peep Bo Peep. It was a blast to dance in sync with all the people that knew the dance moves! Highlight of the night – watching guys dance to Tiara’s BoPeep BoPeep!


Bo Peep Bo Peep – Tiara

There was also a costume competition with cash prize – the winner went to the guy who dressed up as G. Dragon.


Costume Competition announcement

The venue was nice, wasn’t over-crowded, DJ was amazing. One down-side is that the drinks were a bit pricey. 1 vodka shot was $7 before tax & they were tiny.


Overall, I would give this event a 3 star out of 4. I wish more clubs in Toronto hold Kpop nights!

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