Kimbap rolls

Kimbap is Korea’s answer to a sandwich – it’s cheap, quick, healthy, and delicious. Though it can easily be mistaken as sushi, it differentiates itself from its Japanese counterpart in that it requires no side wasabi or soy sauce.

King and Queen of kimbap

Meet Dai Yun Kim and Mi Yang Kim, owners of Royal Boonsik restaurant and takeout in Toronto, the King and Queen of kimbap. Their kimbap philosophy is simple: “Every ingredient on its own should be delicious”.

Art of kimbap

Each individual ingredient is seasoned and prepared separately before they’re packed into this complete snack. Fresh spinach is blanched and squeezed of all it’s moisture, carrots julienned, eggs whisked and pan-fried into a crêpe, burdock root seasoned, bulgogi marinated and grilled, and sliced pickled radish add a touch of sweetness and crunch. All of the ingredients are then skillfully rolled with fresh steamed rice in a crispy sheet of dried seaweed.

Roll of deliciousness

So tasty, no dipping sauce is required. So easy to eat, even chopsticks are optional. One roll cuts into about a dozen bite-sized pieces that you can just pop into your mouth and enjoy with glee. Glee I say, glee!

Royal B.

Next time you’re on Bloor street treat yourself to some of the king and queen’s royal kimbap, and if you’re worthy, they may divulge the secret to their kimbap seasonings.

Royal Boonsik Restaurant and Takeout, 647 Bloor St. West, Toronto. 416-530-6974

Price: $4.95 House kimbap / $5.50 Special kimbap



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