Seung Yong Song

Object O by Seung Yong Song

Some days, the more I look around me, the more I wish that everything had a purpose, and if not a purpose at least meaning. I know it’s kind of a big sentence to swallow on a Saturday afternoon, but wouldn’t it just be great if everything we invest in would bring something into our lives, besides just filling the space in our homes? Wouldn’t it be more amazing if somehow they would fill some of the space in our hearts as well?

These were some among many thoughts that came to mind when reading Seung Yong Song‘s words about his Object O designs : “I have memories that I made a den somewhere in my house as a child- under the table, in the wardrobe, and in the attic- I created my own base and felt relieved as if I avoided enemies that were actually non-existent. My own secret space at the moment which was comfortable and protected, better than a huge mansion, the coziness of the space like a bird’s nest. Isn’t what we dream basically?”

Seung Yong Song

Object O by Seung Yong Song

In the case of this Seoul based designer, a simple childhood memory was the spark that gave birth to something wonderful, something that associated a simple piece of furniture with emotions and memories. His cocoon like chairs had, besides functionality, a way of entertaining his inner playfulness and dreams. I can honestly tell you that this coffee table sitting in front of me, which I liked so much before, now seems totally uncool compared to that.

Seung Yong Song

Object O by Seung Yong Song

I know, I know…we can’t all be brilliant designers that can create such emotionally packed objects in our homes…not to mention that we most definitely don’t have the budget to do it. But maybe what we could take from this is that we should surround ourselves with things that matter more like great memories and get rid of stuff that mattes less in the long run

By Dora Cruceru

Editor and Founder


Photo source and credits Seung Yong Song

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