Do Ho Sun’s Elusive Notion of Space

Do Ho Sun

Seoul Home/L.A. Home/New York Home/Baltimore Home/London Home/Seattle Home/L.A. Home by Do Ho Sun

Not just the world of physics is deeply fascinated with the properties of space at the moment, but also Seoul born artist Do Ho Sun. His work might lead him on different paths in studying this elusive notion, but it manages to educate and amaze the audience nonetheless: “The space I’m interested in is not only a physical one, but an intangible, metaphorical and psychological one. For me, space is that which encompasses everything. So in that sense, one could say that my art looks at diverse forms and media through the prism called reflection on space.”

Do Ho Sun

Staircase by Do Ho Sun

Let’s just say that boundaries are something Do Ho Sun challenges better than anyone, as his works question the limits of objects themselves. His Home Within Home piece reproduces in jade colored silk two previous residences, his Rhode Island apartment building and his childhood home suspended inside. The almost immaterial structure that invites the visitor inside to explore this eerie, blue tinted reality,  questions the nature of what we perceive as space, both physically and emotionally.

Do Ho Sun

Home Within Home Within Home by Do Ho Sun

In the world of Do Ho Sun space is a concept that is defined by identity and individuality and comes across more like the print of past cherished memories upon our subconscious. It’s an idea that I find familiar and also manages to puzzle me whenever I try to wrap my mind around it. After all is space maybe just an illusion created by our minds in the hope of grasping who we are?

By Dora Cruceru

Editor and Founder


Photo source Lehman Maupin and This is Colossal

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