Vancouver to Get Its First Cat Café

Get ready to “meow” as Vancouver will soon get its first Cat Café in Fall 2014

Cat Café is not new to Canada as Sudbury, Ontario has already opened up one called, Small Things, (Cats and Books) (click here for more info). However, this will be the first Cat-Friendly café in Western Canada.

Already popular in Asian countries, particularly in S.Korea and Japan, where both Dog and Cat Cafés exist,  it is a themed café where you can enjoy a cup of coffee while playing with its attraction- in this case, cats.

The first cat café opened in 1998 in Taiwan and grew a lot of attraction from visitors, especially from Japan. Since then, it has grown a lot of popularity with not just people from Asia, but from Europe as well, with already 7 Cat Cafés opened up in Europe alone.

Catfé,” as the café will be called here in Vancouver, is founded and will be owned by  Michelle Furbacher who hopes that “[p]eople will meet the cats, fall in love with them and maybe want to adopt them…” while they visit the café.

It has been proven that playing with a pet drastically reduce stress levels and a great way to get to know “Felines” for those who do not own pets.

Check out this video from EatYourKimchi that shows what a Cat Cafe looks like in S. Korea:

The Catfé currently has not yet finalized an exact location yet. It also is expecting some major obstacles as Canada is known for its strict regulations on food and safety.

While there is some skepticism on the success of a pet-hosted café in North America, Canada is known for its diversity and multiculturalism, and won’t be long until it catches on in Vancouver.

In addition to cats and coffee, the café is expecting to set up free WiFi, as well as an event space, and a small library.

For more news and update, Check out their Facebook page here.

What do you think? 


About the Author: 

Diane Lee

B.A Communications Candidate at Simon Fraser University
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  1. I was really surprised when I started to hear the “Catfé” buzz here in Vancouver! There is hardly anything that I like more than coffee and cats. I have heard about catfes in Japan some time ago, but I was quite sceptical about the execution of the whole idea. It’s a really lovely concept, uniting all cat lovers and creating a sort of community with one huge common interest and I really do hope that this works out. However, I imagine that a lot of people must be frowning upon the side effects like difficulties with maintaining hygiene and clean environment, with avoiding animal transmitted diseases and so on. What makes me optimistic is that the concept already works in Ontario. Until then, I will probably stick to my favourite independent local coffee shops. I love unique small businesses with friendly staff and one of a kind atmosphere that serve great coffee. I doubt that they are cat friendly though. Bring on the Catfe!

    • Yeah, me too! I would have never expected Vancouver to get one! But I’m super excited, I can’t wait to try it out. And yes, if you read some comments on other news sites, many of the comments talk about health issues. Let’s hope this Cat cafe opens up soon!

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