Top 3 Korean Athletes to Watch at Sochi Olympics 2014

Tomorrow is the kick off for Sochi Olympics 2014! Olympic is one of the world’s major events that everyone enjoys watching. Koreans placed 5th overall at 2010 Vancouver Olympics with six gold medals. These Korean athletes carry on their victories to 2014 Sochi Olympics. Let’s take a look at the top 3 Korean athletes Koreans are anticipating to watch.


# 3

Mo Tae-Bum, Male Speed Skater

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Four years ago at Vancouver Olympics, Mo won a gold medal in 500m speed skating race with his time just under 70 seconds. He said that his ultimate goal this year at Sochi is to bring home a gold medal in 1000m race. Mo pointed Shani Davis as his rival. Davis beat Mo in 1000m race during the last Olympics by less than one second, placing Mo in second place. Mo’s coach, Kevin Crockett, said as long as Mo does well in the first 200m in 1000m race, he could definitely win a gold medal this year.

# 2

Lee Sang-Hwa, Female Speed Skater

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Lee had a perfect year of 2013 full of success by making four world record in speed skating. She received a gold medal in 500m race at Vancouver Olympics. After this success she lost about 3-4 kg, which made her body lighter and allowed her to skate faster in her races last year. Lee made the first world record in 2012-2013 ISU World Cup 500m race with her time 36.80 seconds. Then followed up with 36.36 seconds record in Utah World Cup 500m race last year. She will once again compete in 500m and 1000m race this year in Sochi.

# 1

Kim Yu-Na, Female Figure Skater

573189-10468856-640-360 YuNaKimInVancouver

Kim, also known as “Queen Yuna,” is the biggest star of all times both in Korea and worldwide when it comes to figure skating. She was Vancouver Olympic Champion for women’s single figure skating. She scored 78.50 points in the short program and 150.06 in the free program. With the total score of 228.56, she set a world record and brought home the gold medal.

Asada Mao has been Kim’s rival for over 10 years now. As they both announced their retirement after Sochi, this will be their last competition together on ice. This is also why many people will be watching this year’s single women figure skating. Even though Mao won several times during their junior level, everything changed as they entered the senior level. Kim became the star of figure skating and everyone is waiting for her to become the Olympic Champion again. Moreover she was listed under BBC’s “10 Worldwide Medal Hopefuls for Sochi 2014” and the Wall Street Journal’s “People to Watch in Asia in 2014.”


Enjoy the Opening Ceremony tomorrow, Feb. 7, at 11:00 A.M. Eastern Time.

Good luck to all Korean athletes in Sochi! Fighting!!! :)

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  1. Hurray! The Sochi Olympics eventually started! I can’t wait to see Yuna Kim’s figure skating! And thank you for introducing these Korean athletes!

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