Korea from Canada, Canada from Korea (1): What Do Koreans Think Of Canada?

Korea and Canada are located on opposite sides of the Pacific Ocean. Despite the world biggest ocean between two countries, Korea and Canada have interacted with each other through various media: SNS, TV, newspaper etc.

world map_Canada and Korea

Then, what kind of images would have been constructed through such indirect interaction? How are the impressions of Korea from Canada, of Canada from Korea like? The following is what Korean people think of Canada, which was surveyed via Facebook.


[ 1st. Kind and Warm-hearted Canadians ]

1st Polite

The most popular answer is “kind and warm-hearted Canadians.” In the perspective of Korean people, Canadian people are polite, kind and warm-hearted who take care of others sincerely. Furthermore, since the nature of Canada is pure and beautiful, Koreans think that people living in such a peaceful environment must be unostentacious and plain-vanilla, too.


[ 2nd. Clean and beautiful Environment ]

2nd environment

The second most popular image of Canada is “clean and beautiful environment.” Recently, in Korea, several TV programs broadcasted the documentaries on Rockies mountain and Yellowknife, Canada becomes one of the most wannabe places for Korean people to enjoy the clean, beautiful and peaceful environment.


[ 3rd. Hockey! ]

3rd Hockey

The last but not least impression of Canada from Korea is “hockey”!  In Korea, there are not many places to enjoy hockey, but Korean people have learned from the Winter Olympics that Canada is one of the bests in winter sports, especially hockey. And as an exchange student in Toronto from Korea, I am also impressed to see many hockey equipments and outfits at stores and a series of hockey games available in several arenas!


Except these three answers above, there were other images such as sophisticated cities, cold weather, Winter Olympics etc. Overall, the impressions of Canada from Korea are very positive – an environment-friendly country with good people and their own sports!

Next time, let’s look over what Canadians think of Korea. :D

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