[Tasty Road to Korea] 3 Korean Food to Survive Canadian Winter (2): Soft Tofu Stew

tasty road to korea_title

Motivated by a Korean TV show “TastyRoad” (O’live/ Sat 11pm), “Tasty Road to Korea” will introduce several Korean restaurants with authentic Korean cuisine in Toronto according to certain themes.

The first theme of Tasty Road to Korea is “3 Korean Food to Survive Canadian WInter.”  Korean Food is known for its hot and spicy flavor, which can help people in Canada to stay strong in the bone-chilling cold of the winter. The first Korean cuisine I introduced last time was “Potato Pork Bone Soup (Kam-ja-tang 감자탕).” And the second Korean cuisine I will introduce today is “Soft Tofu Stew (Sundubu jjigae 순두부찌개).”




Soft Tofu Stew is already popular not only in Korea, but also in other countries. For example, in Japan, “Tokyo Sundubu” operates many franchise stores nationwide. It is a hot spicy stew boiled with soft tofu, pork, chillies, mushrooms and other vegetables. There are various kinds of Soft Tofu Stew: Kimchi Soft Tofu Stew, Seafood Soft Tofu Stew, Dumpling Soft Tofu Stew etc. In Toronto, there is a famous Soft Tofu Stew franchise restaurant called “Buk Chang Dong Soon Tofu (북창동 순두부 돌솥밥)” on 691 Bloor street. west.





Like Potato Pork Bone Soup, Korean people put rice into Soft Tofu Stew and eat together. Not many sidedishes are provided with Soft Tofu Stew because the maindish itself is already rich with various ingredients. However, it is highly recommended to beat in a raw egg to Soft Tofu Stew before eating. It makes the stew much more delicious.




I visited this restaurant with 15 exchange students from Brazil, Germany, Japan, HongKong, Singapore and Korea. Some of them already know Soft Tofu Stew, and others tried the Korean food for the first time. They all loved Soft Tofu Stew. Furthermore, you can choose the degree of spicy flavor, so everyone can enjoy the stew without difficulties.




Do you want to have a nutritious food to stay healthy during this winter? Try a variety of Soft Tofu Stew! It will make you to stay strong even in the piercing cold of Canada!


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