Introducing OHT

Over the last couple of years, the Hallyu Wave has steadily spread across our beloved capital city, however, the community is still not as connected as the larger communities such as Toronto. With the most concentrated group of fans in Ottawa being in their teens and twenties, and the interest in Korean culture and Kpop still being relatively new, the confidence isn’t there to go out and make friends with people of similar interests. It’s much less daunting to stay at home and research about your favourite things about Korea than to go out into the city and talk to people you don’t know about things you’re not sure they’ll like (but what’s not to like?!).

Allow me to introduce OHT! Short for the Ottawa Hallyu Team, members from the Ottawa Hallyu Dance Team have taken the initiative to start this non-profit organization that strives to provide the possibility for Kpop fans, new or old, and people who have an interest in Korean culture, to get together in positive, fun filled, as well as informative environments to discuss their interests, take part in activities, and create friendships and bonds within the community that will last a lifetime.

OHT has begun planning the 2014 calendar and we encourage everyone who would like to take part in future events to join the Ottawa Hallyu Team Facebook group for the most up to date posts! We are truly thrilled to be able to begin hosting these events for the community! Please look forward to our future endeavors, we won’t disappoint!

Ottawa Hallyu Team logo designed by member Elle Quan.

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