Time to delight your appetite for Cold Winter!⛄


There are dozens of popular and delicious snacks that you can enjoy anytime in the cold winter. If you have never had one of these that I’m going to introduce you to; I strongly recommend that you head to the cart bar down the street or to a Korean restaurant because they will probably be waiting for you. :)




I can definitely say that Bungeoppang (붕어빵) is one of my favourite winter snacks! Bungeoppang is a pastry shaped just like the fish ‘Crucian Carp’, but don’t be confused with the similar Japanese fish-shaped pastry Taiyaki.  Bungeoppang’s crispy outside and the tasty red bean paste filling is just the perfect match! Bungeoppang is sold as a popular winter snack at cart bars throughout Korea during the Winter. You can purchase four or five bungeoppangs at a time, depending on the location.




I also love eating Hodugwaja (호두과자). I remember every time when our family stopped at the expressway rest station while travelling to other cities, we would always buy hodugwaja and we loved eating it together! Hodugwaja is a traditional Korean cookie, made from a mixture of pounded walnuts with red bean paste filling. They are just incredibly delicious, no words describe it!




Hotteok (호떡) is a Korean pancake and it’s an extremely popular street food in Korea throughout the Winter.  It’s filled with variety of ingredients, such as cinnamon, honey, seeds, brown sugar, etc.  Every time you bite, you will just receive a glimpse of heaven, its sweet and tasty mixture of the ingredients will just melt everything! Many variations including green tea hotteok, pink bokbunja hotteok, etc. have developed since the early 21st century.




Another winter snack that can knock you down within a few seconds is Tteokbokki (떡볶이)! It’s the all time favourite Korean snack. It’s made from soft rice cake, sweet red chili sauce, fish cake, boiled eggs, etc. depending on the location. You can purchase them from the cart bars down the street too. Its chewy taste from the rice cake, and the spicy and sweet taste from the chili sauce creates the secret to the food at the same time!




Hoppang (호빵) really is the best winter snack to thaw you out in the cold winter! It is a pre-cooked ball of rice flour filled with red bean paste, meat, cheese, vegetables, etc.. Hoppang is steamed to keep it warm and you can easily buy them in small stores or in the grocery stores throughout the winter!


Therefore, if you are travelling to Korea or passing by your local Korean restaurant anywhere in the world, you must go and try one of these just to experience a real thaw in your taste buds over the winter.  Many delights such as these are part of Korean cuisine.

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