5 Things I Have Learned Watching Korean Dramas

boys over flowers

Still From Boys Over Flowers

There is Korean Drama watched through the eyes of a Canadian and there is Korean Drama watched through the eyes of a European that moved to Canada. I don’t know if it was all the talk I heard about them or my intention of learning more on Korean culture that made me do it, but needless to say, I have succumbed to the pressure and my view of the world will never be the same (still not sure if in a good or bad way or both).

Growing up in Europe, the closest thing we might have had to something like this were probably South American soap operas, which let’s face it, had none of the action scenes (see The Great Doctor) or fashion (see Boys over Flowers) that I’ve had the pleasure to experience. Not to mention that no one had super powers – I’ve spent the first episode of The Great Doctor wondering if it’s a lower budget Star Wars remake with an incredibly pretty cast.

After reveling in this unforeseen new type of leisure for much longer a time than I want to admit, I felt like I must point out the things that intrigued me the most.

Boys Over Flowers

Still From Boys Over Flowers

1.French kissing is a big no-no. I am still to see any type of lip, tongue or head movement during kissing scenes which, you see, to a European grown, Canadian resident, non inhibited woman like myself might seem a bit odd. I’m sitting there wondering if the picture froze or my Netflix is acting up, but nope, what you see is what you get. Mouths touch and the couple almost seems like they are counting to 5, motionless, until they can stop touching each other and take a breather. A new take on romanticism? Maybe. Interesting social behavior? Definitely.

2.One might question their sexuality after crushing on pretty Korean men. Why a flawlessly coiffed, tight clothing wearing, flawless skin boasting man who has the silhouette of a 14 year old tall me might seem attractive? Beats me! But they strangely are. Le Min-ho anyone?

3.No swimming suits for girls. I spent last night watching in awe as the female characters sat on the beach covered up with shorts and shirts while the guys wore trunks and frolicked in the water. Some kind of ban on female bathing attire I am not aware of? If so please advise and I will forever be grateful for shedding light on my confused westerner mind.

Still From Boys Over Flowers

Still From Boys Over Flowers

4.Everyone is saving everyone. For some reason most of the characters are always one step from drowning, freezing to death, being beaten up, kidnapped, assaulted, and all kind of mortal danger which they are being rescued from in the nick of time. Romantic, yet strange…very strange especially for high school students. But, yet again, they must be calling it a drama for some reason, am I right?

5.The men are very artistically inclined. Just hanging out at a club and feeling like impressing a girl? Why not pull out your trusty saxophone and swoon her with your musical skills. Why a saxophone? Why playing a saxophone in a dance club? Some kind of influence from the Clinton administration? I believe you see where I am going with this.

That being said, you must excuse me while I go binge watch the last episodes of Boys over Flowers. Yes, I have just said that.

By Dora Cruceru

Founder and Editor


Photo source Pintrest

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  2. LOL! It was great that you pointed those things out, especially because they differ so much from Western media. And it’s also those little things that I always found kinda odd but since I’ve watched so many dramas, I never really notice them anymore.

    Great read! ^^

  3. I like the post and…. So true and i have not notice most of them i’m looking for more about k-drama k-pop,good luke.

  4. I actually like the kiss scenes. They’re so innocent! Today (here in the US) we are watching naked butts, sloppy kisses, and much more from the time we’re young.
    It took me a few dramas to get the peck on the lips was THE kiss, as I had no guide, but it started feeling more climactic! I love how everything is relatively PG, and I’m by no means a super conservative person! I did marry my first love, and gave him my virginity, but we definitely kissed before marriage! Tonsil hockey was quite nice.
    As a mother of 3, all teenagers, I’d much rather my daughter watch K dramas than nearly anything on primetime tv! Well, except Doctor Who. ;)
    Great article by the way! If only I had searched “Korean French kiss” before today! :) I’m definitely bookmarking your page and will explore in the moments I have to myself. Take care…and eat well. :D

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